Kath and Paul

In 2014 Kath and Paul opened the doors to their first house in a new venture, this is called “A Better Tomorrow Abstinence”. “A Better Tomorrow Abstinence” is a residential recovery project that provides supported housing to adults who are in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Paul himself is in recovery from alcoholism, and is a veteran of a similar project in Birmingham. Nearing the end of his time in the project, Paul met Kathy and they both shared a vision of replicating this project elsewhere. After much consideration and communication with commissioners, they decided the elsewhere would be Telford. Now just two years later, with no funding and a very understanding landlord, the project has helped save many lives. This could not have happened in Telford without the commitment, courage and compassion shown by Kath and Paul. Over the two years they have both worked tirelessly, to make the project successful and gain credibility. Now its time for Mental Health to get the Kath and Paul treatment, as Kath true passion is to help people with mental health issues this will give people in Telford the much needed "A Better Tomorrow" passion

Supported Housing

Help with housing and support so you will feel apart of the community, is a massive step in moving forward with mental health and with group support and one to one support we know we can hep you in moving forward.

Beating Stigma

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Changing the way.

Out of the Dark

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