Housing and your next step

When you have made the choice to move forward with your life and want to start your recovery journey, we can't think of a better way than in a better tomorrow property.

Family home

We have set the houses up to be like a family homes, not a standard shared house. We want you to feel like you are in a safe, clean and well looked after home that you can take pride in. We believe your ‘A Better Tomorrow’ starts from the moment walk into the house. Each house is fully furnished, even as far as providing new bedding for each new client. Every house has a Computer with internet access, free Wi-fi and a large screen smart TV. There are plenty of things to do once you have moved into the house, with areas to do college work, everything you need to make a nice meal, or just kicking back and watching a movie. Some of the lads have got their own pool tables setup. It’s not just a house they make it their Home.

Safe place to be

A few things to think about.


Start moving forward become tenant ready.

Think you can't

Change the way you think by moving in to ABT.

Out of the Dark

Seeing the wonderful world around us from a new perspective.

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