A Better Tomorrow is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and was established in August 2014. We are a abstinence based, residential recovery project that provides supported housing to adults who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. We are based in the Telford area but are happy to accept referrals from outside of the local area. We provide support to clients who are committed and motivated towards making life changing decisions and feel they are ready to move forward positively with their lives. Our aim is to provide clients with the skills needed for everyday living, without the use of mind altering substances. We provide practical on-going support within the community, introducing self-management skills and the ability to monitor self-behaviour.

Life at ABT

What is expected from you


1, To refrain from consuming alcohol or taking any illicit drugs, also providing random breath and urine samples as and when requested.


2, You are required to attend a minimum of 3 groups each week, this can be Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or SMART recovery. Each group typically lasts 90 minutes. The groups you attend are entirely up to you, as long as they are any of the above. .

Reduction Group / 3 Step Group

3, Clients that are on Opiate replacement medication will also be expected to attend a weekly reduction group, this is a peer lead group delivered by A Better Tomorrow Clients for ABT Clients, also with support from the local DARS team helping with reduction targets. We also run a 3 step meeting that will help guide you on your journey of recovery, giving you more of an insight into the meetings you will be attending.

The Team

Paul Gallagher


Paul battled addiction for most of his adult life until he accessed a supported housing project in Birmingham, where he managed to beat his addiction and turn his life around. Later Paul was fortunate enough to work for the project that had played such a big part in his own recovery.


Kathleen Livingstone


Kath’s passion is mental health as she has battled with her own mental health issues for many years. Kath also worked in the recovery sector within Birmingham. Together Paul and Kath decided to set up their own project in Telford because they felt that the people of Shropshire could benefit from what was already happening in Birmingham………the rest is history


Scott Morgan


Scott was A Better Tomorrows first client when the project opened on the 11th august 2014.
Scott worked hard on his recovery and was a fantastic peer for everyone else who came in to the project, a shining example of how it should be done. Once Scott was six months in to his recovery he started volunteering within the project, his level-headed, easy going approach soon made him a firm favourite with other members of the project, so much so that he became "A Better Tomorrows" first paid employee in September 2015.


Martin Cantrill


Believe it or not Martin came to the project on Christmas Eve 2014, no one expected that to happen. Martin soon settled in to life in the project and became an integral part of his house. Martin has a strong personality which has helped him to provide support to lots of his peers. Martin possesses good leadership skills and a no nonsense approach, whilst still being supportive and approachable. Martin is a great support to the new lads that arrive at the project, he is more than happy to take them under his wing and give them a firm foundation to work from. Martin has successfully completed his time within the project and has now moved on in to his own accommodation, another success story.


Leighton Woolley


Leighton was referred to us by his support worker in Shrewsbury, as she saw potential in him but realised he needed a safe secure environment to flourish in. Leighton threw himself in to recovery, attending TACT on a daily basis and attending a 16 week course at CRI in Lye. Once Leighton had got some recovery time under his belt he devoted his time to volunteering as much as he could. He now works for ABT having previously volunteered at CRI, TACT and SRP in Shrewsbury. Leighton is an integral member of ABT, who is a great support to all of our clients. His sense of humour and vast knowledge of recovery makes him someone our clients can identify with and go to when they need help.


Charlotte Delo


Charlotte campaigned tirelessly for a blanket ban on all NPS’s after charlottes brother unfortunately died after taking them. She has done talks in schools and prisons, as well as doing radio and TV interviews on the dangers of taking NPS’s, all in the hope of preventing another family experiencing the horror her family have. Charlotte has a natural down to earth personality, which makes her easily approachable. Charlotte is now a full-time member of staff and a great support to our clients. Specialising in the mental health side of recovery, Charlotte uses her own experiences to support our clients, always going the extra mile, with nothing too much trouble.



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